Arable Solutions Ltd

Public Weighbridge

Arable Solutions Ltd is pleased to provide a certified public weighbridge facility to meet all of your weighing requirements, whether it's livestock, forest products, grain, fertiliser or general freight.

Centrally located at Mt View, 1583 State Highway One, Marton, with access directly off S H 1 and is open 24/7.

A feature of the Arable Solutions Mt View weighbridge is that it incorporates dual weigh platforms with the ability/option to split weigh loads and can also cater for larger heavy units (e.g. 60 tonne). Both bridges are certified with the front bridge certified to 30 tonnes gross (max) (for trucks) and the rear bridge (for trailers) being certified to 40 tonnes gross.

Due to being unmanned, our system requires vehicles/users to be pre-registered prior to use. Once registration is confirmed, weighing is enabled by entering the truck registration plate number. For frequent users, existing Dallas / RFID tags that are used on other weighbridges may be able to be loaded for your convenience.

All invoicing and weighbridge dockets are provided electronically via email with various levels of reporting available on request.

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